MicroCurrent Sessions


MicroCurrent, a non-surgical facelift skin treatment, involves the use of gentle electrical impulses from which muscles are rehabilitated, circulation, texture and tone are improved and fine lines diminished. MicroCurrent works to “reprogram” the muscles to nearly the original muscle shape.  

From just the first session, your complexion will display signs of improvement from the MicroCurrent.  Add to your session the detailed Nutritional Report customized for your needs will inform you of the foods your skin hungers for so you may continue to nutritionally support the improvements being received from MicroCurrent sessions.

How MicroCurrent Works:
MicroCurrent is an electrical therapy through which mild frequencies passing throughout the probes of the MicroCurrent device increase circulation thereby increasing oxygen flow and stimulating the production of collagen.

MicroCurrent helps to restore this muscle “memory”, giving better tone to the face and relaxing over-worked or contracted muscles, resulting in firmer facial tone and diminished lines.

How many sessions are needed:
After the first session, your skin will look and feel bright, taut and smooth. Best results are obtained with once a week treatments for 4 weeks and thereafter every two weeks especially when coupled with biofeedback; a pre-treatment of a facial and post treatment of LED Therapy.

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It is just as important to work the muscles in your face as the muscles in the body.  MicroCurrent is a full face and neck workout!