MicroNeedling Skin Treatments


MicroNeedling erases years off off your skin using a special pen that has tiny needles at the end to make little holes at the top layer of the dermis. These tiny holes act as “micro channels” that allow deeper penetration of skincare products into the dermis to deliver better results.

MicroNeedling causes mini, non-visible, injuries to the skin which sends the skin into healing mode stimulating collagen and elastin production. This process plumps the skin, allows for product absorption and improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

The process takes less than an hour with very little pain. Redness is expected after the procedure, but after a few days, more radiant, younger looking skin begins to show.  The MicroNeedling technology used allows for adjustable treatment depth to customize for each person's unique skin type.  Additionally needles ranging from 1 to 36 per cartridge are used to give your skin the best, most targeted, treatment.  

Can't have 3 days of redness?  For the quick fix, sensitive skins or persons uncomfortable with needles, Silicon cartridges are  used leaving your skin radiant with no down time.   

All needles/cartridges are disposable  preventing any cross contamination.

MicroNeedling Treatments:
•    Increase circulation and oxygenation
•    Disperse hardened collagen (scar tissue)
•    Reduce appearance of fine lines, dark circles 
•    Increase skin elasticity resulting in a tighter, lifted look 
•    Increase natural collagen production 
•    Reduce pore size

How many sessions are needed:
MicroNeedling has been proven to show results after just one to three sessions. Each session is 60 minutes.  Though the number of sessions is dependent on individual needs, maximum benefits are most often achieved after 8 sessions. Optimal treatments are once every 2-3 weeks to achieve visible results quickly.  Incorporating the Biofeedback/MicroCurrent Skin Treatment or Skin Rejuvenation Program which includes personalized nutritional program outlined in the Nutritional Follicle Analysis will further expedite and enhance the improvements