RadioFrequency Sessions

RadioFrequency technology is safe, noninvasive and effective penetrating the skin to selectively heat the fat cells  causing acceleration of the production of new collagen and elastin.

When collagen is heated to a very specific temperature, existing collagen fibers tighten and the collagen producing cells within the area are triggered to produce more collagen.  Additionally, RadioFrequency breaks down the excess fat cells which accumulate in the nasal and jowel areas. The body then flushes out these cells through lymphatic drainage.

The procedure is a one hour session treating the forehead, cheeks, eyes and neck.  After cleansing the face,  conductive gel is spread on the face for the RadioFrequency device to glide over areas to be treated.

Though improvements are visible from the first session, optimal results are obtained after 6 weekly sessions and 6 addition sessions spread two to four weeks apart.

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The Non-Surgical Face Lift
- Tighten and Firm Skin

- Increase Collagen and Elastin
- Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles 
- Firm Neck and Chin

- Breakdown Fat Cells